First part of “Lighting Up Your World” article (about optogenetics for mental health disorders)

Laughter. Joy. Cheers.

That’s right, you are in a stand-up comedy show. The thing is you aren’t feeling any of this; no happy emotion is evoked in such cases for you. On the contrary, you are self-loathing.

You feel different and weird among the rest, so you throw in a few grins and chuckles, but they seem void of any emotion.

The world’s a dark place for you.

Until, someone switches on the light in your brain… literally.

Switching on the light.

If you haven’t caught it already, what I just mentioned was an analogy of how daily life is for someone diagnosed with…


The Dark Truth Behind Milk… and a potential TECH SOLUTION!

Recommended Read (if you don’t know the basics of protein production):

Complete Food. Well-balanced Food. Wholesome Food.

Yeah, you get it. I’m referring to the heavenly white liquid we call cow milk. But has anyone also told you these names:

Killer. Tormenter. Torturer.

Didn’t think so either. Like any other thing (including meat), milk too has a dark side. The side no one wants you to see. The side which steals, hurts and tires.

The Dark Side No One Told You About.

You see, when you drink milk, you are also supporting a bunch of things. Think of it like skipping through the terms and conditions like…

Sheep Mentality, Seeking understanding & Setting up an environment for innovation

You read the title right; we live in a civilization of sheep.

Yes — sheep.

Don’t get me? Well, I’d like you to ponder upon this question(s):

How many times have you done something just because everyone else was doing it? Do you find that this dialogue runs through your mind a lot — “Oh if everyone’s doing it, then…”?

You probably relate to that on an astronomical level. You look into what other people are doing (like a sheep in its herd — hence the name ‘sheep mentality’ ) and blindly follow that. Most of us do — it’s…

Screw Gravity — Tonal’s taking fitness to the next level!

COVID-19 taught us a lot of things. With its many repercussions, we learnt that nothing is forever and that everything could go in the blink of an eye. This also hints us that a key trait we need for keeping up with a wacky future is adaptability.

With COVID-19, we learnt to adapt to working/studying from home, closure of institutions and constant safety precautions.

The same goes for fitness centres ; we started home workouts and sometimes even set up home gyms! Let’s talk about these.

A Home Gym with a twist

When you set up a home gym, you want it to support your fitness…

A beginner-friendly (in-depth) overview of DNA, RNA and Proteins.

We all know DNA is responsible for a lot of your traits.

It determines if your eyes are blue or brown and if your hair is curly or straight.

It also determines if you get sickle cell anaemia or depression someday.

All in all, it determines who you are in terms of appearance, health and other factors.

But have you ever wondered how it actually brings those traits to the forefront? I mean, just having ‘blue eyes’ written on your DNA won't help. There must be some process involved.

And this process is what we call protein synthesis.

Huh? Proteins…

Your handbook to the world of augmented reality.

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture for your home only to realize it doesn’t coordinate with the rest of your furniture? Yeah, I have too. And it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience. The colour was much too bright and vibrant in contrast with the muted set-up. Ew.

All in all, it looked really out of place in the middle of my home.

Let me ask you something: what if there was a way for you to see how that couch would look in your home… without it actually being there?

You read that right — what if you…

Psst… The secret is heme.

Imagine this: you walk into the kitchen, hearing an unmistakeable sizzle on the grill. The aroma fills you up and you imagine yourself biting into that scrumptious piece of fibrous c̶a̶r̶c̶a̶s̶s plant as your mum stuffs it between a piece of bun.

Wait… Plant? Hold on, it’s code for beef burger right?

I get it; you can’t imagine yourself digging into a plant-based burger. Well, I can’t either. But I do know what can make you do so.

Take a look at this delicacy:


‘Aw snap — more beef burgers? C’mon! I was ALREADY craving some!’

Oh no, this isn't…

How Cellular Agriculture can be used to grow meat.

Photo by Mike Suarez C. on Unsplash

Meet Roan. He’s the cow above in the pic.

While he seems to be a pretty decent 🐄, he isn’t really the most efficient when it comes to producing tasty meat.

In fact, he’s doing a pretty bad job at it; he just spends all year wasting water, farting out emissions and taking up so much land (meaning that he is also responsible for deforestation). To quote numbers, he’s just 3% efficient. Not a very good number, is it?

But hey, our side in this isn’t all that clear either. For example, we lock him and his friends up in…

A brief intro to stem cells.

When we were young, we were open to literally every career choice there is on the planet. Doctor, engineer, waterslide tester, you name it. As we grew older, we started to narrow out our career options and be more specific with what we want to be, and these options were influenced by the environment they live in.

The same goes for stem cells, cells with the ability to self-renew (make more copies of themselves) and differentiate (change into other cell types). Perplexed? It’s okay because we are about to dive into all things everything STEM CELLS!

Young cell? Well, not exactly.

Essentially, stem cells are…

Your eyes slowly open from your little slumber and the world slowly starts to make more sense. Only you don’t want it to; all that you see is anything but joyous. Tubes coming and going to who-knows-where in your body and constant pain in your whole body. Aaah, sounds scary, right? Grey locks of hair cover your wrinkled face. Yes, you, like the other 703 million people in this world, have succumbed to the monstrous killer: old age.

Throughout the history of civilization, old age has been something feared by people but thought to be inevitable. Well, with recent advancements…

Rania Hashim

14 y/o pleasing her future self.

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